The Archives
The Inquisitiveness of
Louis Cartier

Cartier hunted throughout the world and captured materials. The curious room in which this collection of materials is preserved is an invaluable resource.

The Cartier archives contain a wealth of documents and books on Asian, Egyptian, and Islamic art and architecture, gathered by Louis Cartier and his grandfather, along with records of artworks that belonged to Louis Cartier, who was an art collector. These materials, put together with sketches and drawings, reveal the designers' inspiration and creative process, and reflect the Maison's inquisitive and pioneering spirit.

  • Traces of Design No20
    Plate from the book “Etoffes de la Chine”
    Paris, Librairie des Arts Décoratifs, 1915
    Cartier Paris Archives
  • Studies for egyptian motifs
    Cartier Paris, circa 1910
    Graphite and gouache on tracing paper
    Cartier Paris Archives