A Timeless Symbol

The iconic Cartier image is the panther. It has been bonded with the free independent woman as she lives each new era from the past through to the future

Since its first appearance as a pattern on a wristwatch in 1914, the ‘panthère’ has become an emblematic motif for Cartier, representing the freedom of women in a new era. From figuration to abstraction, this ever-changing two-or-three dimensional motif, featured in a multitude of attitudes and gestures, is a true timeless Cartier symbol.

  • Traces of Design No19
    Panther-pattern watch-brooch
    Cartier Paris, 1915
    Platinum, onyx, diamonds, silk cord
    Cartier Collection
  • Necklace and Panthère brooch
    Cartier Paris, 1988
    Platinum, white gold, sapphires, emeralds, onyx, diamonds
    Cartier Collection
    The panther’s legs and tail are articulated, the head swivels. Necklace and brooch can be worn separately.
  • Bracelet
    Cartier, 2014
    Platinum, one 34.27-carat cabochon-cut emerald from Zambia, onyx, emeralds, diamonds
    Private Collection